How it works for 0rganisations

Step 1

Our friendly team meet with you to understand your waste management needs and provide you with an idea of the solutions available, including: checking out how much waste you generate, what kind of bins you’ll need and identifying where your shared food waste bin will be located.


Step 2

Once you’re happy, we get you set up with the internal food waste bins and compostable bags you need as well as ensuring you have access to your shared food waste wheelie bin.

Step 3

You deposit your food waste in your shared food waste wheelie bin which is collected weekly and taken to our dedicated organics recovery partners.

Step 4

Our EPA licensed organics recovery partners use proven technologies to recover valuable resources including renewable energy and organic fertiliser, powering Aussie households and providing nutrients to local farmers.

Step 5

We send you regular updates on the waste being diverted from landfill as a result of your shared food waste bin, as well as the greenhouse gas emission avoided and the renewable energy generated.

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