Keen for your organisation to start recycling its food waste? Simply complete this form to let us know you’re interested and we’ll get in touch.

We work with organisations to:

  • Establish food waste recovery for their own operations as a stand-alone initiative
  • Partner with other organisations and businesses to share a food waste recovery bin
  • Partner with their surrounding community by ‘having’ or joining a bin

Sharing a bin can make food waste recovery more affordable as well as being a great way to build relationships with surrounding organisations and your wider community.

We work with you to establish a system that works for your organisation. We also provide staff education and ongoing support and information that can be used in corporate reporting and communications including:

  • How much food waste has been recovered
  • The quantity of greenhouse gases that have been prevented from entering the atmosphere by recovering that food waste
  • How many days a household could be powered by the green energy produced by that food waste”

Organisation enquiry

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