Positive Waste

Empowering communities to spark a revolution in food waste recovery

Positive Waste, the simplest way to minimise waste and maximise waste positivity

Turning food waste into green energy and high quality compost

Join the positive waste revolution, and start diverting your household kitchen organic waste to produce green electricity and high grade compost

Volunteer to host a bin for your neighbourhood and take the extra step to help out you and your street.  You know that this is something you can do.

Do more at work. Positive Waste provides a simple, clean & convenient way to maximise the positivity of waste in small and large organisations.    

Food waste recovery feels this good (really, it does)
Making a difference together.
Just one Positive Waste Household in one month: +Saves 13 kg of organic waste reaching landfill +Reduces CO2 emissions by over 24kg +Contributes to 2.2 days of Green Electricity for a household
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