Each house collects their kitchen food waste in a tidy caddy. Whenever they want, they empty this into a shared wheelie bin in their neighbourhood. This is collected weekly, just like regular garbage, except this time, your food waste gets taken out of landfill and goes into a bio-digester. This magical facility* produces green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser, which means less methane and more good energy in the world.

Unlike DIY projects, Positive Waste takes all types of food waste, even meat and dairy.

What we convert into green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser:

  • Meat, chicken, fish and delicatessen
  • Dairy products: milk, cheese, butter etc
  • Bakery and cereals: bread, rice, pasta
  • All fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetable and nut oils
  • Cooked fats, including meat fats and oils

Reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions and help improve the soil’s nutrients for less than the price of a cup of coffee per week. 

*We send our food waste to a local biodigester facility in Sydney. It’s Australia’s first food-waste-to-energy facility. The plant uses anaerobic digestion technology to convert food waste into green electricity and nutrient-rich fertiliser. Want to talk about the details? We’d love that! Contact us

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