Reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions and help improve the soil’s nutrients for less than the price of a cup of coffee per week.

We want to create a better world now and for the future by reducing waste that ends up in landfill and diverting it to make fertiliser and green energy. We believe in closing the loop between food production, consumption and creation.

Spark a local revolution in food waste recovery that has a global impact.

“Disposing of food waste has never been so easy!, What a great idea!”
– Gabrielle and Larry, members

“It is such a fantastic feeling to know that we can do something to help our world”
– Caroline and Mark, members

“So much waste put to such good use! Thanks Guys!”
– Pru and Nick, bin hosts

“It’s great to know we are creating green energy from or waste, and now our red bin doesn’t smell! :)”
– Claire and Russell, Members

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