How does it work?

A Positive Waste home collects their food waste in a caddy and when it’s full, empties it into a food waste wheelie bin in their neighbourhood (located next to a neighbour’s house). This gets collected weekly and sent to a biodigester facility, where it produces green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser. This little step by you means that there’s less greenhouse gas emissions, there’s less waste ending up in landfill and there’s more nutrients improving soil, which means more nutrients in our food.

What food waste can be recovered?

Short answer: All of it

Long answer: We take any type of food waste, even meats, dairy, expired bread or lemons. Got some expired olive oil? We’ll take that too. 

What can’t I put in my kitchen bench top bin?

Short answer: Anything that isn’t food.

Long answer: Recyclable items (put these in your yellow lid recycling bin), plastic bags, meat trays, garden organics (you can get a green garden bin from the council), textile materials.

What do I get when I become a member?

A cute little joining pack that includes:

  • A kitchen benchtop bin
  • Compostable bin bags to keep your benchtop bin tidy
  • A starter information pack

Plus ongoing information:

  • Regular stats on how your shared bin’s food waste has prevented greenhouse gas from going into the atmosphere and how much green energy you’ve helped create
  • Member tips and hints on recovering your food waste

Where does the food organics waste go?

The waste goes to a biodigester facility here in Sydney that uses it to generate green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, diverts the food waste from landfill and contributes to improved soils.

How much does it cost to participate?

Membership costs $3.80 per week.

Take my money! How do I pay?

Payment is via direct debit. We will arrange this with you. Please fill out an inquiry form if you would like to sign up.

What if we get cold feet?

If at any time you want to opt out, just email Sarah at hello [at] We will cancel your subscription and arrange to collect the kitchen caddy and any leftover compostable (corn starch) bags.

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