We’re Sarah and Milan, two Newtown locals that were frustrated with having to put our food waste into the rubbish. Food waste in landfill is so bad for the environment and it’s such a waste of a valuable resource. We tried worm farms but found they couldn’t keep up with our household waste and we had to omit certain waste. We tried a Bokashi Bucket but it was tricky to manage and we didn’t always have room to put the fermented waste in our garden. So we started to look for alternatives.

And we found one that we really believe in. There’s a biodigester in Sydney which turned all food waste into green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser. That sounded great to us but the cost of use to a single household was too high, so we got up our courage and asked our neighbours if they wanted to share a food waste bin. And they did! That’s where this all started.  

People living in the streets around us also started getting in touch about using the bin and encouraged us to make the service available to others.  Thus Positive Waste was born to help others recover their food waste with the best environmental outcomes at an affordable price.  

Our values

We want to create a better world now and for the future by reducing waste that ends up in landfill and diverting it to make fertiliser and green energy. We believe in closing the loop between food production, consumption and creation.

Our aim is to empower communities to spark a local revolution in food waste recovery that has a global impact.

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