About Us

How We Got Started

Let us introduce ourselves – Sarah and Milan here, the couple who started Positive Waste. We’re a couple of Newtown locals who were frustrated with having to put our food waste in the rubbish.  We knew sending our food waste to landfill was generally bad for the environment as well as being a waste of a valuable resource.

We’ve always had worm farms but the two we’ve got couldn’t keep up with our household food waste, especially in winter.  Also our garden isn’t large enough to use all the lovely compost they produce and our worm farms only take a limited range of food waste (citrus and meat don’t work with worm farms).  We tried a Bokashi Bucket to compost more types of food waste, but it was tricky to manage and we didn’t always have room to put the fermented waste in our garden.  So we started looking around for alternatives. 

We’d come across some large food waste producers who had their waste treated in a biodigester in Sydney which turned it into green energy and nutrient rich fertiliser.  That sounded great to us, but the cost of accessing that service was too high for us as a household.  So we decided to ask our neighbours if they wanted to share a food waste bin – and that’s where it started.  Our neighbours were super keen and a bin was installed at our place in a matter of weeks.  People living in the streets around us also started getting in touch about using the bin and encouraged us to make the service available to others.  Thus Positive Waste was born to help others recover their food waste with the best environmental outcomes at an affordable price.  

Our Mission

Creating a better world now and for the future by helping communities so the most positive thing to recover their food waste in a way that generates green energy and nutrient rich fertiliser  – thereby reducing waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions and enriching soils thereby closing the loop between food production and consumption.

Empowering communities to spark a revolution in food waste recovery.